Rocking Horse

Day Care Centers

Rocking Horse Day Care Centers

Financial Agreement


Rocking Horse shall provide the following basic service for: ____________________________________.





Full time care between 6:00am and 6:30pm for ____ days per week, excluding days the center is closed.

Preschool care between 9:00am and11:30am for ____ days per week, excluding days the center is closed, and days when public school is not in session.

Before and / or after public school care between 6:00am and 6:30pm for ____ days per week, excluding days the center is closed.




Breakfast, lunch, and a snack are served and every child within the center will be provided with one.

The child will be provided an opportunity to rest or nap each day on a cot provided by the center.

The child shall be involved in a program of play and learning experiences, which are appropriate for the ages of the children enrolled in the center.

The child will be given appropriate first aid when he is injured.  The center staff shall notify the parent or guardian if immediate medical attention is necessary.

An ill child shall be isolated and given appropriate care until released to a parent / guardian, or designated representative.

The center shall notify parents / guardians of a suspected exposure to as communicable disease.




A nonrefundable registration fee of $20.00 shall be paid upon enrollment.

My tuition is $ ___________ a week.  All tuition is due by Monday of each week.

A $5.00 discount will be taken off your weekly tuition if your tuition is paid in full by Monday of that week.  This is not applicable on daily rates.

No credit shall be given on days the center is officially closed.

Checks returned from the bank for any reason shall be due and payable immediately upon presentation.  There is a return check charge of $35.00.






Parents are required to furnish requested immunization records within FIVE days of enrollment.

Parents are required to notify the center when someone other themselves will be picking up their child.

Parents are required to see that their child is dressed appropriately.

Parents are required to notify the center if their child is absent for any reason.

Parents are required to notify the center when their child has been exposed to a communicable disease.

Parents are required to bring their child inside the building, sign them in and release them to a teacher.




This agreement may be modified whenever any of the circumstances covered by this agreement changes.  Such modifications may only be made in writing and must be signed and dated by the parties involved in order to be binding and effective.




For services listed in this agreement, and in accordance with the terms of this agreement, I / we agree to perform the obligations of parents / guardians set forth in this agreement, and agree to abide by the rules, policies, and procedures, and agree to cooperate with the general policies of the center.


My / our signatures below indicates that I / we have read the terms of this agreement and that I / we have had this material explained to me / us, if necessary, and that all my / our questions have been satisfactorily answered.  I / we understand that this is a binding contract to pay our tuition for services rendered and upon failure to do so will result in seeking court intervention.


_________________________________________                             _______________

             ( Signature of Parent / Guardian )                                                          ( Date )


_________________________________________                             _______________

             ( Signature of Parent / Guardian )                                                          ( Date )


_________________________________________                             _______________

             ( Signature of Center Representative )                                                   ( Date )

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